JavaScript library for simplified Bitcoin payment user interaction.

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Bitcoin address and payment examples

Basic features

  • All JavaScript: no server-side components needed
  • Mobile friendly - no pop-ups
  • Copy-paste hinting
  • Automatic QR code generation
  • Support wallet apps: Armory, Electrum,, Coinbase, Multibit, Bitcoin-QT and others

For usage instructions see Github page.

Example: Send donations to this project

A plain Bitcoin address without suggested payment amount and transaction notes.



<strong class="bitcoin-address"

Payment details

Example: Send 0.1 BTC donation to this project

The donation amount is nominated in bitcoins and the fiat amount reflects the market rates. Choose currency by clicking the price or from the top menu.


Floating fiat amounts

  • With bitcoinprices.js you can also specify the payment amount in the fiat currency (USD, EUR) and it will be converted to the Bitcoin amount using the current exchange rate.

Visit Github repository for more information